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How to secure the job you want, in the company you’re in

promotion How to secure the job you want, in the company you’re in

Job hopping is now considered pretty normal, and even essential for some in order to move forward in their career, but career progression doesn’t always require you to switch companies even if the job you’re in is not your dream role. A lack of obvious opportunities can make you feel like your career is stagnating and you need to move in order to secure your ideal position, but we’re going to talk about the alternative today – planning your own career change or promotion where you already work. Read Article »

“Are you allowed to ask me that?” – illegal and unethical interviews

interview Are you allowed to ask me that?   illegal and unethical interviews

We were all a bit gobsmacked by the ridiculous stereotype faced by Katie Mulrennan, who had her job application rejected from a South Korean school because she was Irish; the school had concerns that this meant that she was an alcoholic. The idea seems so preposterous and unfounded that it is categorised as a bizarre and unusual story, but unfortunately discrimination of all types still occurs during hiring processes around the world. Read Article »

How to get a career in retail

retail How to get a career in retail

Regardless of the rise of internet shopping, retail is one of the biggest sectors with various jobs available starting from entry level up to senior management. Read Article »

Top tips to polish your interview presentation

presentation Top tips to polish your interview presentation

Presentations are not confined to the classroom, the boardroom and the lecture hall; in fact, for many sectors, a good interview presentation is needed to get that position in the first place. Although not typically for entry level jobs, sectors such as education, marketing and public relations often require a polished performance of your skills and attributes in an interview presentation – showcasing the best version of you. Read Article »

How to become a successful sales manager

bigstock Creative Businessman Looking T 46166332 How to become a successful sales manager

You might be a sales representative looking to move up to sales manager, or you might already be in this role and wanting a change of scene. Either way, you have a glowing CV, so finding a first class managerial role should be fairly easy – right? Read Article »

Gender balance and the office environment

scales of justice Gender balance and the office environment

A recent study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology has confirmed it: the more diverse an office is, the better. The happiest offices have been found to be those where the employees believe that their office is diverse and accepting, but oddly they also feel happier in a single sex office, suggesting they like the idea of equality more than the reality of it. Read Article »