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10 of the Best Notes Left in Workplace Kitchens

pen and paper 10 of the Best Notes Left in Workplace Kitchens

How many times have you opened your office fridge to be greeted by the smell of out-of-date milk? Have you ever been brave enough to consult the culprit of a mouldy sandwich? These people have and their notes are hilarious! Read Article »

How to Bring the WOW-factor to Your Next Interview

Wow How to Bring the WOW factor to Your Next Interview

Last week EmptyLemon told you how to avoid becoming a boring jobseeker. You can read the article here. Wowing the hiring manager by application alone isn’t enough to get you the job and it’s important to maintain the same level of enthusiasm and interest on your CV and in your interview.

Researching the company and wearing your smartest suit is exactly what your competition will be doing and whilst getting the interview is a huge hurdle itself, you need to focus on why you’re really there – to get that job!

Your focus now needs to be shifted towards becoming not just a great candidate, but the ideal candidate. Here’s how: Read Article »

Get a Response with These 10 Email Etiquette Tips

Cutlery Get a Response with These 10 Email Etiquette Tips

Not hearing back from emails isn’t just a common occurrence for jobseekers. Regardless of industry, some of us feel that hitting the send button results in emails being sucked into a black hole of no return. If you find your emails are being ignored, perhaps it’s time to reassess the way you’re writing them and refresh yourself on modern-day email etiquette. After all, email is today’s most important business communication tool. Read Article »

15 Words Hiring Managers Want To See On Your CV

Checklist 15 Words Hiring Managers Want To See On Your CV

A survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Career Builder revealed the top 15 words hiring managers want to see on your CV. They’re all high-impact action verbs, how many are on your CV? Read Article »

The top 10 recruitment pet peeves

Annoyed The top 10 recruitment pet peeves

The world of recruitment can offer fantastic career opportunities which many people enjoy. Like most jobs, working as a hiring manager has its perks and its peeves. In no order, here are 10 of the most common recruitment pet peeves! Read Article »

How to avoid becoming a “boring” jobseeker

Bored How to avoid becoming a boring jobseeker

Finding work can be tedious and even feel like a job in itself. When your job hunt loses its momentum, it can become apparent to hiring managers. You don’t intend to come across dull but the language you use, your actions and your overall approach to the job hunt can give employers the wrong impression of you which could cost you your chances of finding work.

So are you a “boring” jobseeker? Read Article »