Thoughts on Corporate User Experience

Recently, I was asked to share my opinion on the subject of “Corporate Interaction Design.” Veiled as a fairly innocuous research project, the students asked questions like “Do you recognize current trends in Corporate Identity?” and “Which parts of corporate identity will be of primary importance in the foreseeable future?” Well, “to be honest,” I told them, “I really don’t know.” Truth be told, I still don’t. But ever since, I’ve had the questions running though my head—what do I think?

Like most designers, I’m a passive thinker, which means that even if I didn’t exert a lot of energy in immediately answering questions, I’ll spend a lot of time thinking about my answers after the fact. The questions that these students asked resonated with me in particular because, at one time, I worked as a computer science intern at a major US corporation. During that internship, I saw firsthand a number of design travesties that I’ve since explored in my professional work, including: design after development, landing-page politics, design by committee, etc.

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