6 Ways To Create Custom Write Panels in WordPress

When you start to use Word­Press as a CMS you begin to real­ize that one WYSIWYG area isn’t going to cut it. At that point you may start to explore the option of cus­tom fields. They’re great, and they work well for han­dling small changes. But what hap­pens when you need to have mul­ti­ple WYSIWYG areas, or upload files, or man­age con­tent using other form fields like check­boxes, radio toggle’s or text inputs. To do this you’ll need the power of cus­tom write pan­els. There are many ways to cre­ate them; some involve the use of plu­g­ins and some don’t. I’m going to dis­cuss a few of the way’s I’ve cre­ated cus­tom write pan­els, and explain the ups and downs of each approach. If any­one has any sug­ges­tions please leave your thoughts as com­ments; they may be added to the post in the future.

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