Google Plus logoGoogle Plus has grown to a record breaking 25 million users, dwarfing the initial growth figures of it’s social media competitors. According to Reuters it took Facebook 3 years to reach this figure and Twitter 30 months. We’re sure that you have tried out the new social platform from Google, but if you have, drop us a line here at EmptyLemon and we will be happy to send you an invite (@EmptyLemon).

Despite the massive associated user numbers, the feedback that we have received at The Lemon has been rather underwhelming. People just aren’t getting Google Plus. This is usually due to the fact that their entire networks are yet on the platform and, therefore, people are setting up their profiles but then not getting much out of the platform.

To get around this we recommend using Sparks.

Sparks can be found in the left hand column under Circles. At first, you think “Well, if I wanted to know about a particular subject, I’d just Google search for it right?!”. Yes, you could. However the results that you would receive in a Google search would be prioritised not only by the subject matter, but also the level of SEO applied to that page. This often means that your Google search results often return latest news stories from the usual big news providers or websites. With Sparks, the search algorithms place more emphasis on how recently the content was posted, as well as the relevance of the key words you type in.

As you can see with the example below, if you use a Google search for ‘Google Plus’ the first page of results is crammed full of content from the biggest sites…like Google:

Google Plus search
However, by using Sparks within Google+ for the search you can find information on the same subject but from sources that have posted most recently:
Google+ sparks showing differing results from a Google search
This is fantastic for finding out the latest news, as search results aren’t dominated by the major news providers and websites. We’ve found it fantastic for finding out the latest football transfer news and, as above, the latest developments with Google Plus.

Give it a try and drop us a line on Twitter or add our Marketing Manager, Andy Stevens, to your Circles on G+.