Weird and wonderful computer miceThe vast majority of us use them every day, especially those of us with substantial fingers that simply can’t get along with the alternatives. So, in honour of the humble computer mouse (and for our own amusement), here are five of the most weird computer mice that we could find.

1. The first ever computer mouse

The most amazing thing about this picture is how little the modern day equipment has changed from its original design.



Here at EmptyLemon, we don’t think there is enough wooden-clad tech in today’s market. Potential market niche perhaps?

2. For the obsessive gamer

We’re pretty sure that after using this for a while you may end up with a shoulder injury, but this mouse definitely has novelty value.


Trigger is the left click and magazine release is the right click. It would sure make the task of deleting the weekend’s email junk a more enjoyable process on a Monday morning, however unfortunately this little beauty has been discontinued.

3. From a time when Skype was a voice only service

For the Skype user on the move, it’s the mouse phone.


There isn’t much else to say on that one.

4. Spidermouse…and his friend scorpion mouse

“What do computer users enjoy?” asked the product designer. Apparently the answer was big spiders and scorpions, encased in plastic, to be used as a computer mouse.



5. The mouse-killer patent from Apple

This is Apple’s attempt to kill off the trusty mouse, using cameras set into the keyboard that track your hand movements. Great in theory, but that is what we thought about track pads. And sometimes they can be really annoying. Not to mention the financial implications of spilling your coffee over a keyboard with infused cameras. Ouch!


6. The rat mobile

This little contraption, lovingly referred to as The Cyborg Rat, looks like Christian Bale’s Bat mobile and is designed for the avid gamer. Our guess is that if you need to tweak the dimensions of your mouse, you probably use it too often and should get outside for some sun.


7. Mouse in a mouse

This mouse is very, very wrong. Yes, that’s right, somebody has turned a mouse into a mouse. This is awful but, since this is a piece on weird computer mice, this had to be included as it is, by far, the weirdest we could find. We have refrained from posting images up, as they are creepy. We’re not even going to link to them. We’ll let you Google it.

surprised mouse

*EmptyLemon in no way endorses the production of a computer mouse from an actual mouse. It is cruel and just plain wrong.


1. Tech Firsts: 10 Gadgets from back in the day

2. Gun Computer Mouse

3. Skype Mouse Phone

4. Tarantula and scorpion mouse

5. Mouse-killer patent from Apple

6. Mad Catz Cyborg Rat


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