As a new year begins, people across the country will begin to look at their salaries and ask themselves what they think they’re worth. The answer may well be that their salary is about right, but the vast majority will either be looking for a pay rise or start thinking about a new career path.

Those in the tech industry will be looking for new IT jobs and trying to predict what roles are set to be in demand in 2012, and we at Empty Lemon are no different. Our job is to find you a new career and whether it’s jobs for IT developers, web designers or security experts, we are keen to see what this year’s must-have position is going to be.

With this in mind, we were excited when gave its predictions for the next 12 months based on the Robert Half Company’s recently-released salaries survey for 2012. Surveys like this have been far from optimistic reading over the past few years during the economic downturn, but it seems that there is hope in 2012, as a revival in the tech sector’s fortunes seems to be on the cards.

The Robert Half Company surveyed more than 1,600 chief information officers and business leaders, and the findings show that IT salaries will begin to rise over the next year. It is a useful resource to find out where business leaders believe the money will be in next year’s tech industry and work out what skill sets will be the most marketable.

It’s no surprise that the hottest roles for 2012 are in the area of mobile application development. With smartphone and tablet popularity showing no sign of abating, it’s not hard to believe that more developers familiar with mobile applications will be in demand. As technology evolves, so must the employee and the data would suggest that training in this field would be a sensible career move if you don’t want to be left behind.

Other roles that are set to be popular in the coming months include .NET, Java, PHP, Silverlight, Flex and MySQL developers, security experts and systems and networking engineers. It appears that employers are also looking to offer their best roles to IT professionals who count business acumen among their skills as well as technical ability. Now developers are expected to understand budgets and marketing strategies as well as understand code.

Whether you are looking for a new job and want to know where the money’s going to be in 2012, or already work in one of these popular roles and are questioning what you’re worth, information like this is vital to making the right career decisions. Empty Lemon has extensive experience in this sector and can help you make the right decision, whatever your background and skill set.

It looks like 2012 could be the year for IT jobs – and that salaries are set to follow suit. If you don’t want to be left behind, make sure Empty Lemon is your first port of call next time you fancy a change of career.