At EmptyLemon, we love helping you to find the perfect career, but we also know that your job search can be full of pitfalls and people trying to lead you astray.

Take recruitment agencies for example; they can be a great way to find IT jobs, but many are only interested in profit margins and statistics – not your wellbeing and future career.

People especially experience it when looking at jobs for IT developers and other important roles in the tech industry, as their CVs are often picked up by the type of recruitment agency with pound signs glistening in their eyes.

This is why we at Empty Lemon have decided to fight back and give you the chance to beat the hordes of shady recruitment agents in our brand new game, The Elemonator!

Picture the scene; our intrepid hero wanders the streets sifting through the job section of the paper, finding only agency ads and empty promises. He peers up from the paper and on the horizon he sees a glistening skyscraper – his dream job, but before he can begin his journey a smarmy recruiter diverts his attention. As he pushes past the man another recruiter whistles to him from an alleyway opening his trench coat to reveal a raft of job listings, as more and more recruiters appear to block his path.

The outlook looks bleak for our fearless jobseeker but before the recruiters can surround him, EmptyLemon comes to the rescue with a box of lemon grenades, and so the game begins.

The aim of the game is to throw lemons at the moving targets attached to our ingenious dunking machine. A terrified rotten recruiter sits atop the machine awaiting his fate and by hitting the targets you can send him flailing into the custard. With sharks, piranhas and crocodiles patrolling the yellow stuff below, this is certainly like no Ambrosia you’ll find in your cupboard and we can assure you that no one will emerge alive! The nearer you get to the centre of the target, the more points you score and once you begin, you’re only 10 stages of consultant chaos away from your dream job.

This brilliant game was written by multi-award-winning digital marketing agency Tamba, which has previously created mini-games for the likes of Butlins, Virgin, KwikFit and Dell. Now this game is our idea of a bit of fun, but there is a serious message behind all those custard pools and citrus explosives about the dangers of using IT recruitment agencies to find your perfect job.

If you find the right agency that cares more about your career than its profits, then it is a great ally to have in your hunt for a new job. However, you should try and apply directly to the potential employer for the best results. Do some digging to find out the name of the company recruiting and contact them yourself. Cutting out the middleman is what job boards do best, as they only post vacancies that come direct from employers. This is ultimately the ethos behind our recruitment process at EmptyLemon and the reason why we think we should be your first port of call when looking for a new career in the IT industry.