Jobs for IT professionals have increased over the past two decades.

Information technology has evolved rapidly over the last 20 years, with the most notable change being the development of the Internet. This has had a huge impact on IT jobs. The digital revolution has meant that more and more people across the world are being employed in the IT sector.

Changes in the following areas have not only altered the job spec of many IT professionals; they have also created a wealth of new career opportunities for those interested in the IT industry.

Communication changes

The widespread adoption of the Internet by the public and businesses in the 90s, and subsequent dot com revolution, transformed the way we communicate on a day-to-day basis. It also had a massive effect on the way we conduct business.

The Internet has impacted on every type of IT job; however, most notably it has led to increased demand for web designers and web masters. Of course, along with the benefits of the Internet have come increased risks. Consequently, the number of individuals employed in roles such as network security analyst has increased.


With every year that goes by computer technology gets smaller and more portable. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of smartphones, which are evolving at breakneck speed.

The increasing dominance of smartphones has led to a number of new jobs and opportunities for those with a background in IT, including roles such as mobile application developer, iPhone and Android developer.


Another notable development in computing technology is an increase in the speed of machines. The demand for ever-faster technology is showing no sign of slowing. A consequence of this is a growth in the number of research and development jobs.

Computer scientists and technicians are constantly pushing the boundaries, developing machines that are capable of completing billions of calculations every second. Research and development jobs are, therefore, an exciting area in which to work.

Social networks

Social networks have exploded onto the scene and completely revolutionised the way in which people use the Internet. This has led to the creation of a number of new jobs. Programmers and web developers in particular have been called into action to create brand pages on sites like Facebook and social media gurus have been called on to optimise said pages. In addition, more support roles have been created in organisations, managing companies’ presences on social networking sites.

All of these changes have taken place over the course of the last two decades. They have had a huge impact on the type and number of IT jobs available. They have also created myriad ‘support’ jobs such as customer support, database administrator and IT support analyst.

But what about the future? For starters, there is a need for more women in IT roles; there is also the growth of IT in developing countries to consider. Cloud computing has really started to take off in the last few years and this looks sure to be a area of future growth in terms of IT jobs.

The constantly evolving, ever-intriguing industry that is information technology is a truly great one in which to work.