Let’s face it – men can be blunt as spoons. There’s no softening the blow with the things they come out with. But the ability to cut out the fluffy stuff and get straight to the point is a workplace advantage. Although women can be straight talking, men do it better and this ‘no fuss’ attitude means men are better with negotiation – I personally do find it easier to negotiate with male car boot stall holders.

Male instinct means most men hide their emotions, so it’s easier for the boys to leave their private lives at home – resulting in higher concentration levels and overall higher productivity. Men become less involved with office politics are instead share common interests. They’d much prefer to talk about football than who hasn’t ironed their shirt. Because of the stronger connection they have with colleagues, men are less competitive when they see someone else doing well. The ability to control their jealousy as well as other emotions means they are more consistent and have less ‘off’ days. Because they’re generally in a better mood, men are easier to reason with. This means that they work well as a team.

However introducing men into a mostly female environment may have its hang-ups. When men are around other men, there’s less of a need to watch the p’s and q’s, discreetly scratch or too look around when making jokes. What EmptyLemon’s Sales Manager, Dean has found is that women take offence to male jokes and as a manager he’s responsible to sort out any issues. “Working with just men is not so much an emotional roller coaster and there are fewer complaints about behavior.”

However, working alongside men isn’t a flawless experience. Men can lack manners, especially when they’re comfortable and around other men. Week one and they’re lovely and polite – holding the doors open for the ladies and covering their mouths when they burp. But come week four, their desks are a mess, they leak various gasses and they’ve picked their office romance. Apparently, working with ‘attractive females’ makes men work harder, so maybe it’s a good idea to mix up the genders but there’s a risk of conflict and complaints to deal with. However, on the flip side of that men and women can work really well together if they’re willing to get along. If someone is purely work driven and is disturbed by the occasional burp, then that’s when things become tricky.