Which gender is better is a question I’m pretty sick of hearing. There are far too many discussions online where petty comments are thrown back and forth between feminists and masculinists. If you have a predominantly male workforce and you’re not quite getting the results you want, perhaps you’re missing a woman’s touch.

Studies show that women work harder with 11 percent of ladies working seven days a week compared to only 7 percent of men. That’s not to say that men don’t work as hard as women, it’s just that women are more likely to take up a challenge and push themselves. Women look for challenges at work due to succeeding with the hardest challenge ever – getting a teenager to do something they don’t want to do. That takes real negotiation skills! Because of these negotiation skills women tend to be better with customers – over the phone and face-to-face.

Women are dedicated with 68 percent of women checking their emails whilst away on holiday, compared to 62 percent of men – and this is on top of blowing up inflatables  and slapping sun lotion on their little ones. But motherly instincts prove beneficial at work as women have higher flexibility levels, are more organised and have cleaner desks. These cleaner desks along with the fact that oestrogen makes the immune system stronger mean women are less likely to have sick days.

Dean is Head of Sales for EmptyLemon and has recently recruited two female members of staff (one being myself!) “EmptyLemon had previously been an all male environment until recently. I have been fortunate enough to come across two extremely talented and highly skilled ladies. Since introducing a feminine element into the company, there has been a distinct change in behaviour. I now find my staff are more conscientious in their appearance and work quality. Without question, there has been a positive and much needed change in pace and environment. We have thus far managed to induct the girls into our weekly take away lunch and beer session with great success!”

Despite women having an equally powerful reputation as men, there can be some issues. Now these aren’t my personal opinions, I’ve asked management about this!

Pregnancy means time off for checkups and the need for new staff when you’re on leave. Every woman has the right to have a baby and to have time off to care for their new additions, but when numerous employees happen to be pregnant at the same time, that’s a lot of time off work and numerous people to hire. In a customer facing position, it’s easy for conversations to divert to the pregnancy topic and “any day now” can end up being played on repeat. Women can take advantage of their pregnancy by refusing do simple tasks which aren’t overly strenuous at three-months-gone.

Women are more likely to become involved in office politics and most are natural-born gossips. Women are the culprits of office bitchiness and are more competitive when they see a fellow female colleague succeeding. I’m not making out that all women are Miranda Priestly, but they have the potential to get their claws out and spit-fire if provoked. Yes, women are sensitive – especially during, well ‘you know what’. You know that line? Don’t step over it!