Are you sick of job adverts that look like this?

Title: Admin Assistant
Salary: Good
Location: London

My client is looking for an experienced Admin Assistant to work in their London office. Duties include data input, filing and faxing. Send your CV to

If you advertise through a recruitment agency, chances are this is what your job advert looks like. No salary information, no exact location, no company name or details. And you’re wondering why you’re not getting the ideal candidates?

Studies show that a professional job title is more likely to attract a professional candidate, so advertise your vacancies with their full, correct titles. London’s a big place, so it’s important to be specific about your location. The ideal candidate might apply but they might not drive and are unable to commute as there’s no transport link between them and you.

It’s important to include a company bio in your job descriptions. Jobseekers want to find out who the company are and what they do before applying for a vacancy as well as a bit of background history about the company. Even better, add a video to your job description.

Job descriptions can be boring. If your company website is bursting with personality, surely your job adverts should too? Injecting some fun into your description will boost application rates because it shows that your company isn’t deadly serious. EmptyLemon have found that some of the best things to include are things like: Benefits of working for us: Pick your own pizza toppings on pizza Wednesday’s or Essential requirements: Must like chocolate cake. If you do decide to include some quips in your job description, be sure not to push things over the ‘childish’ line. Be professional, but fun.

Some job adverts are unreadable if they have been copied from company websites. They’re either one big block of text without paragraphs and headings or they include HTML which isn’t compatible with all job boards, so you end up with <align:left>THINGS <b>LIKE</b><center>THIS</center><p>

EmptyLemon offers full job advert personalisation. You can add unlimited text, a company bio, a video, your company logo and a Google Map displaying your exact location. There are no recruitment agencies and best of all, you can now advertise with EmptyLemon for free with the Lite package. Nothing sour.