We’re all so grateful it’s now Friday and Monday morning is at the very back of our minds. But come Sunday afternoon and we can feel the dark Monday morning cloud looming over us, waiting to drown us in fatigue and grumpiness.

Now, I’m not going to waffle on about what you should be eating the night before or what your pyjamas should be made of. I choose not to put my alarm on the other side of the room or drink a large glass of water before I go to bed. I’m lazy. Fact. I’m motivated to work, just not to leave my bed in the morning. I’m a prolific snoozer and set my alarm an hour before I have to get up, just so I can enjoy my duvet cocoon a little longer.

I leave for work and arrive at work at the same time every day, but I’m not always the most cheerful person until I’ve had a coffee. The thing is I want to change. I want to break out of my duvet cocoon and be a wonderful morning butterfly. The last time I jumped out of bed in excitement was Christmas.

Embrace the day. Come here Monday, come and give me a big hug and a helping hand to the shower.

I remember struggling to want to wake up when I was at school, especially when it was an exam day. My mum always used to get me ‘fun cereal’, not necessarily ones that contained toys or had a word search on the box, but one’s that I actually enjoyed eating – muesli with fruit and nuts was one of my favourites.

I did try putting my alarm on the other side of the room, but like many I use the alarm on my phone and my phone was always on charge at the side of my bed, so I would just pull it towards me by the power cable. I had a radio alarm clock set to the local station, but the alarm would always go off mid-song and scare the life out of me. I did find waking up to music helped, so I’m probably going to change my alarm to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, Boo Radley’s Wake Up Boo or Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine. (Ohh ohh!)

I remember seeing a dumbbell alarm clock – one that wouldn’t stop going off until you completed your workout, but I fear that the work out would result in me getting back into bed, so I gave that one a miss.

What helps my tired eyes in the morning is Instagram. The first thing many people do is pick up their phones, but if like me you’re unable to read blurry Facebook status updates, then try scrolling through pictures on Instagram. Attempting to make sense of blurry images kickstarts my mind rather than giving it a headache.

It would be interesting to know what other unconventional wake-up methods people use. I hear a great replacement for an alarm clock is a hungry cat sitting on your face.