It’s Monday and you wish you’d called in sick because you’ve got ‘the world’s worst’ cold. Perhaps you should have done…

The average person suffers from three colds a year. If you have kids, the chance of catching a cold is considerable higher because of the contact your child has with so many other children who have so much contact with other children. We all know germs and diseases are spread through contact/touching something grubby/sneezing in someone’s face. A recent study also shows that there’s no such thing as the ‘five second rule’, so if you drop that biscuit on the floor, blowing the ‘dust’ off it isn’t going to guarantee you won’t feel a bit queasy tomorrow.

You spend 32% of your life at work. During the week you live at your desk, only venturing to the kitchen or toilet a few times a day. The truth is your desk is a gross My desk is gross. I do give things a wipe down with some antibacterial stuff I came across in the cupboard under the sink, but looking at my keyboard right now, I don’t think I’m doing enough.

Keyboards have 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat. Ew.

My phone looks a little dusty. I’ll usually wipe the dust away with my hand and then rub my hand on my trousers. Just because it’s slightly less dusty, doesn’t mean the nooks and crannies aren’t packed full of grime On average, your telephone has around 25,000 per square inch

Even when you’re not using the phone, you have direct contact with desktop ‘nasties’ as there are 10,000 germs where your hands rest on your desk.

When one person brings a cold into the office, everyone ends up getting it (even those who steer clear of that person purposely to avoid the lergy). Cold and flu viruses can live on a hard surface for up to 18 hours and the top places for office germs are taps and toilet door handles.

If you wake up with the sniffles (either from giving an ‘infected’ person a hug or licking your desk), what do you do? Go to work armed with some Beechams, sore throat tablets and tissue shoved up your nose or stay home? In fact, the best thing for your to do is call in sick. If you absolutely must come in to work ensure you avoid direct contact with people and attending meetings. Avoiding breathing and using the toilet are also advisable.

Tips for increasing work place cleanliness:

– Clean your desk twice a week
– Avoid eating at your desk
– Don’t put food directly onto hard surfaces
– Use hand sanitizer
– Avoid unnecessary handshakes
– Don’t come in if you’re ill

Is your desk spic and span? Share your cleaning secrets with us!

Statistics source: Master Cleaners