When teenagers continue with further education and realise that those pens, pencils and pints cost money – they start looking for a job. A few hours at the weekend, how hard can that be to obtain? A lot harder than first imagined actually. 20% of employed young people work in the retail sector, but that figure may potentially decrease as online shopping is causing more high-street tension, forcing shops to compete against each other on price and cut back on costs.

Fierce completion surrounds part time vacancies because there is an increasing number of jobseekers. Whilst more jobseekers is great news for recruiters, young people are facing jobseeking disappointment with most part time vacancies being given to more experienced applicants.

Not all school leaves are inexperienced though. With fashion and textiles courses rising in popularity, many young people aspire for a job in their favourite clothing store, so from the start they’re dedicated. School work experience is less appealing to school students now since being branded unbeneficial by many, but even those who do two weeks retail work are still struggling.

Part time vacancies are on the rise but are sought after by not only school leavers but by graduates, new mum’s looking for flexible hours and people who are unable to find full time work and instead are juggling two part time positions. 1.1 million people in the UK have two or more part time jobs, trying to make ends meets as unemployment rises and so does the cost of living.

The rise in youth unemployment is believed to be due to mismatched career expectations as well as job market competition. A school leaver’s survey showed that the most desired careers were in media, sport and culture but only 2.4% of the UKs job market includes vacancies from those sectors. Faced with the prospect of weekend shelf stacking and pricing may be proving a deterrent for young people. Since the UK was hit with recession, youth employment has risen faster than any other G8 country.

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