There are times when you think your colleagues are acting a bit childish, which isn’t fun when you have kids of you own and you work two shifts a day – one in the office and one at home. But the way you handle the ups and downs at home can really benefit the way you operate in the office. The skills learnt through parenting can prove highly beneficial at the office.

Effective time management comes from having to squeeze and much as you can into every minute of every day. Having children means you have to train yourself to be more punctual. There’s no such thing as time wasted and not a single second to check Facebook or put your feet up. Children become accustomed to a daily routine, not a varying dinner and bed time the majority of us have. Time is important and before you know it your little ones are in university, so you plan, plan, plan your evenings and weekends to ensure you make the most of your time together (and that they sleep at night!) This extensive planning means you’re able to plan your work schedule, meetings and any other arrangements during the day efficiently.

The ability to juggle your phone in one hand and a cuddly toy in the other whilst trying to comfort a crying child and whilst keeping an eye on what’s cooking in the oven means you’re probably amazing at multitasking at work. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do one task at a time so you have to (and are successful at) running two or more motors at once. Having children means you constantly have to keep an eye on them and look out for possible dangers, meaning you have a keen eye in the office.

It’s not always easy to get through to a moody teenager or to calm down a screaming baby, but when you do you have to maintain the peace, you’re great with teamwork. You’re in charge of making sure daily activities are suitable for everyone age group and to make sure they are always happy. When faced with sibling rivalry, you take control and get them to work together – like a great team leader should.

Until children become adults, they’re prone to mood swings which you have to deal with (once they become adults, it’s their own problem!) It’s not just the little ones who throw tantrums as there’s always a stroppy teenager in the family. When you can’t control a situation, you remain positive. You respond with cheerful comments and infectious smiles. Remaining positive, no matter what situation you’re faced with means you’re upbeat throughout the working day and can tackle a grumpy boss like you can a grumpy teenager.

Having children is a real test on your patience but you’re able to keep your cool even during some of the toughest situations. Because of this you’re able to calm a situation, provide effective communication and are great at problem solving.
Sweet treats means smiles all around – box of cakes can cheer up an office like a bag of sweets cheer up toddlers (even teenagers!) Not only are you rewarding others for their efforts but you’re showing you care and appreciate them – without acting like their parents too much!