We all want to do well at work and know that this requires dedication, time and energy. However it is possible to become a work-a-holic if your life revolves around your job rather than your relationships with friends and family. Here are 5 rules to help you get ahead without becoming a work-a-holic:

1. Find out what is important to your company
Start by researching your company’s goals and understanding what is important to them, what sort of things they send to press releases and the image they promote through advertising. Follow by understanding how your role helps achieve the same goals your company have. This way, you’re not creating excess work for yourself and can be more efficient with your workload.

2. Focus on one project at a time
Choose a project that will have the most impact for your company. It’s better to bring one solid idea to the table than multiple with little impact. Your goal is to not become a work-a-holic and ensure your project reaches completion. You will have to decide what simply will not work.

3. Manage your day around that one project
Getting to work early can allow you plan your day and is a much better way to manage your workload than bringing it home with you at the end of the day when you’re tired and should be focussing on non work-related relationships. Getting the important work out of the way means you have more time for phone calls, meetings and appointment – plus you’ll beat the traffic! Avoid checking emails until your block of the project work has been completed.

4. Say no
You can’t please everyone and you can’t spend your day reacting to other people’s email requests. Getting ahead means you’re no longer a message taker; you are leading activities for yourself and others. When it comes to checking emails, decide who you really need to talk to before opening your inbox. Reply to high-priority emails and don’t check them again until your break – surely they can wait an hour! If it’s important, you’ll most likely receive a phone call or that person will visit your desk.

5. Get outside of the box
In order to utilise the creativity which gets you ahead, you need to get out of the office. One project to focus on should make this easier. Use your lunch breaks to network or see friends and make the most of your weekends. When you are out of the office, really be outside of the office.