The world of recruitment can offer fantastic career opportunities which many people enjoy. Like most jobs, working as a hiring manager has its perks and its peeves. In no order, here are 10 of the most common recruitment pet peeves!

1. “Candidates who email applications to every email address listed on the company website and company LinkedIn page drive me insane. Sooner or later, job applications are forwarded onto the recruitment team and we don’t appreciate 10 copies of the same CV.”

2. “I hate follow up emails asking if the application email had been received. Hiring managers are busy people – if you a suitable candidate, you will be contacted!”

3. “Our LinkedIn professional network consists of fellow HR workers, not jobseekers. I do not want to be your LinkedIn buddy.”

4. “Did you ever hear the story of the candidate who was rude to the receptionist and as a result, didn’t get the job? It’s true. If you lack social skills and can’t be gracious to a potential co-worker, we will take this very seriously.”

5. “Don’t call the recruitment team. Ever. Please use email as it’s hard to respond to telephone requests without materials in hand.”

6. “Interviewers don’t need thank you notes. You’re just generating more paperwork.”

7. “Please submit brief cover letters and CVs. I have thank you cards to read.”

8. “Recruiters: do your homework on the hiring company before submitting candidates!”

9. “Hiring managers are not career advisors. Please do not hang out, questioning your career choices with us.”

10. “Dedicated account manager? “Dedicated” account manager.”