Handing in your notice can feel like a huge relief for some people, but for some, a letter is not enough. For those who are looking to go out with a bang, here are three creative ways people have quit their jobs:

The Viral Video
You’ve most probably seen the viral video of Marina Shifrin dancing around her workplace to Kanye West’s Gone:

Marina was employed by a firm who specialise in news videos but after she “sacrificed her relationships, time and energy for the job” whilst her boss “only cared about how many views each video gets”, she figured after nearly two years it was time to move on. But a job in video animation requires a creative streak, so Marina decided to announce to her boss she was leaving through an interpretive dance video.

The video has received over 17 million views on YouTube and has become a hit with fellow disgruntled employees.

The Social Haiku
Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Scwartz took to social media when he decided he’d had enough of being CEO for the company. Rather than tweeting a rage-fuelled statement like many people do when it comes to social media, Jonathan posted a Haiku – a three line poem following a 5-7-5 syllable rhythm:

End on a high-ku…

The Sweet Talker
Have you ever called Greggs? Their hold music is Eileen Barton’s “If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake.” But what do you bake to send someone off? Chris Holmes left his job as border control agent at Stansted Airport to pursue a career as Mr Cake. And what better way to inform your boss of your career ambitions than writing your notice in icing on a sponge cake?!