Image Credit: Benjamin Esham

Image Credit: Benjamin Esham

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gathered three of the biggest things that scare candidates in interviews along with our EmptyLemon antidote to help cure each.

Being gruesomely late

Being late to an interview doesn’t only create a negative first impression but it also causes you a lot of stress and rushing around beforehand which you then bring into the interview – not to mention the bag of nerves you’ll already be carrying. Starting an interview like this is a bigger nightmare than Elm Street!

Antidote: Make sure you plan your route based on the time of your interview. There will be traffic at lunch and around school times as well as the morning rush hour. Aim to get to your interview 10 minutes early.

Cloaks and fangs

Deciding what to wear to an interview can be tough, particularly if it’s a different industry you’re going into. Clothing plays an important part in creative a positive first impression, however there’s different definitions for ‘smart’ in different industries. If interviewing for a corporate position in law or accountancy, you’d probably want to wear a suit. However, if you’re interviewing for a bar staff or shop floor role, opting for a smart casual approach i.e dark wash jeans, shirt/blouse and shoes can work.

Antidote: The best way to decide on which outfit is best is to check out any team pages or social media sites for the business you’re interviewing for. Getting an idea of the company culture will give you a good view on which way to go.

Scared speechless

It’s important to ask questions at the end of an interview. Not only does this answer any queries you have, it also shows the interviewer you’re genuinely interested – they’ll welcome and be prepared to answer your questions.

Antidote: Find out what you don’t already know about the role and once you’ve highlighted these points, convert them into questions. This will give you a clear idea of what to say when asked so you don’t panic.

We hope these snippets of advice help you avoid any nightmare interviews in the future!