Image Credit: Ticketmaster

In the modern working world, it’s much easier for people to switch jobs and even careers than it was as early as 10 years ago. A shift in the way people search and apply for jobs means talent retention is a higher priority for employers than it ever has been, yet plenty of businesses still don’t cover some basics to assure their staff are consistently happy in their work.

It’s the little things.

It doesn’t take a presentation of diamond encrusted Rolex’s to each of your employees to boost staff morale (although that’d be great for candidate attraction) – it really is the little things that count. Small things like a range of hot and cold drinks in the break room, fresh fruit in the office or a beer at the end of play on Friday really can make a difference. Imagine an environment without these small details, it’s quite a dull picture to paint in the modern working world (what’s a couple of Jaffa Cakes when Google has a 50ft slide?!).

Team meetings – everyone wants to be involved!

Meetings are a daily thing for most businesses, whether it’s speaking to internal departments about specific projects or short chats with individuals. Holding team meetings including everyone in the business can be used as a way of gathering the whole team and having a short, informal yet business related chat in the office. 15 minutes every Monday morning gives the team some time to settle in after the weekend with a short catch up. Involving the whole team gives you a great opportunity to collate ideas from different perspectives, as well as setting the team up for a great week feeling truly embedded into the business.

The occasional social.

Imagine spending 8+ hours of your day somewhere where nobody really engages with one another. You wouldn’t be too thrilled about being there, would you? This can often be the case in the workplace and it’s not down to unsociable folk filling up your desks, they’ve just probably not had a chance to gel. The invitation for a quick drink after work now and then can be great for building and strengthening relationships between your employees. Through offering your staff the opportunity to build relationships, you’re not only letting two people that work together get along, you’re helping different departments in your business build relationships – which can encourage collaborations and only be great for productivity and results.

We hope there’s something within this to give you some ideas of how you can boost staff morale and create a happier and more productive workforce.

Good luck!