As soon as we reach the colder months, Christmas talk is in the air whether you like it or not, particularly in the office. We constantly look out for which stores are first to start stocking selection boxes and looking out for the often dreaded ’12 Mondays until Christmas’ posts on social media. 

As we spend the majority of our time with colleagues, we start to learn just how festive each person is when we reach the later months of the year and it’s safe to say there’s always a Grinch or two!

Here’s what we find are the most popular Christmas characters we come across in the office… 

Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)

It doesn’t take a handful of Christmas ghosts to show our less-jolly work pals the true meaning of Christmas. The average office Scrooge is more inclined to simply put off everything Christmas until last minute. This can include; shopping, involvement in Christmas song selection and even abruptly stopping all Christmas talk with classic bah-humbug phrases like “It’s only November” and “Not this one again”. However, come the final week of Christmas – they’re the brightest of the bunch!


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Buddy The Elf (Elf)

The Elves of the office usually outnumber everyone else and they’re onto Christmas as soon as Halloween passes. This bubbly bunch usually take control of the office radio and start to slowly squeeze in Christmas anthems before we’ve even started opening advent calendars (which they make sure are up and ready way before December 1st hits). Despite digging out their Christmas jumpers in June – they warm up the office and are great fun to be around!


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Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)

Although one of the biggest Christmas favourites, Kevin is more relatable than most. The Home Alone child has a surprisingly healthy love for the festive period and simply focuses on the basics (and in his positions, we don’t really blame him!). This allows most of us in the office to have a more McCallister approach to the festivities going on around us. Having Christmas song suggestions and even pitching in with decorating the Christmas tree if enough for us… if the office elves allow it that is!


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Think you can relate to one of these or add your own? Let us know!