The first week of 2017 is almost out of the way. How’s your resolution going? There has been tonnes of content released this week around how to keep your 2017 goals alive. The problem with this is… we hear it every year!

We believe there are obviously plenty of different things you can do to contribute towards reaching your goals, whether it’s waking up earlier, being more productive, working harder etc; However, there are a few things we think should top the list.

Pick one!

It’s great to work towards improving yourself in different areas, but you need to prioritise and have one ultimate goal. You should set the thing most important to you at the top of your list with everything else a close second. This helps you reach one at a time rather than shuffle three and getting nowhere. Once you’ve reached one main goal, move onto another.


Think of every goal you’ve ever set in your life – how have they gone? At best you stuck it out for a few weeks, maybe months, but somewhere down the line you’ve took your foot off the gas and struggled to maintain consistency, which is the key factor in reaching any goal in life, whether personal or professional. Don’t worry though – we have all done it!

The only way to achieve something is by being consistent when working towards it. This sounds simple, but if it were, we’d all be billionaires with six pack abs. If you write down your goal and revert back to it on a set day every month (last day of the month is usually best) you can check whether you’re at or ahead of where you want to be, this will fuel you to carry on. If you’re falling behind, you know exactly what you need to pick up on. No brainer!

Understand it and want it!

What you need to understand before making a resolution is that you’re not just working towards it for 2017 – it’s a plea to change your life. Have you ever wanted to get in shape, quit smoking or switch careers just for a year? A resolution is simply a lifestyle change which you’re going to start working towards in the new year. If you want it enough, you’ll keep working towards it regardless of when the calendar flips – and you’ll get it.

If you want it enough, you’ll make the right decisions, take the right steps and put in the work to get you there – regardless.

Happy New Year!