In a world where word travels fast and the job market and brand of employers is ever changing, it’s important for all parties involved in a redundancy to take great care in assuring it’s handled smoothly and in a constructive and positive light.

Here’s some small things you can do to make sure the employee leaving, yourself as a manager and the company are all left unscathed and with a solid foundation for their next steps.

Make an effort on their last day.

If they’re going to be in the office for their last day, you can take some small steps to ease the send off. Providing breakfast for the team, going to a local pub for lunch or having a small gathering in the office a few hours before close are all nice touches which benefit the whole team.

Be constructive, but reassuring.

It’s likely the redundancy is out of the employees hands. However, be constructive on what they could have improved during their time with the business and reassure them on areas that they have excelled in – they’ll respect the feedback.

Leave on good terms and write them a testimonial on LinkedIn.

The hiring process can be competitive and a solid reference can be the difference in deciding the future of your former employee. LinkedIn is a great business platform used heavily in the candidate sourcing and hiring process. You can write a testimonial to feature on an employee’s profile page which potential hiring managers can see. As good as a reference, this can help your employee secure their next move in a shorter space of time.

We hope you can work some of these snippets of advice into the actions you take when operating a redundancy.