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9 Ideal (Last Minute) Mothers Day Gifts for the Work-a-holic Mum

Mum working this Mothers Day? Not got a present yet? There’s nothing stopping you from getting her something lovely! Here are some ideas of what you can get for the leading lady in your life. Read Article »

How To Have a Great Time at Work

The prospect of an early morning Monday start makes us wish the weekend would never end. I’ve personally lost count of how many times I’ve been lying in bed on a Sunday morning, trying to make the most of it because I won’t be able to enjoy it the next day. Read Article »

Ensuring Your Complaint Gets You Somewhere (or Something!)

I’m not really one to complain. Well, to companies anyway. I’ve recently submitted a complaint after an online clothing company after they failed to process my order and the item went out of stock in the meantime. I addressed the issue with the company’s online ‘ticket’ system but only received an abundance of “sorry for the inconvenience“. The company do not disclose any contact details on their website, so I had to ask for an email address to send a written complaint to. Their ’24-hour response’ policy failed to work and I had to contact them again with the same request. Luckily I did receive a response and sent over my email complaint. Read Article »

Top Games Consoles that Never Made it

The Sega Nomad

Video games are extremely popular, and consoles are lucrative revenue streams for their creators. Nonetheless, there has been no shortage of duds or consoles that simply didn’t make the cut. Read Article »

For Fun: Stormtrooper’s Family Album

StormtroopersAfter a hard week working on the Death Star, there’s nothing more than your average Stormtrooper enjoys than a day out with their offspring. Read Article »

7 Weird and Wonderful Computer Mice

Weird and wonderful computer miceThe vast majority of us use them every day, especially those of us with substantial fingers that simply can’t get along with the alternatives. So, in honour of the humble computer mouse (and for our own amusement), here are five of the most weird computer mice that we could find. Read Article »