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Is the world ready for a Tinder style job hunting app?

A Tinder style app for finding a job has just launched.  Will it prove a hit with jobseekers, or will they ‘swipe left’ to ignore?


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Let happiness be your motivation

Happiness in the workplace can be really motivating.  Matt recently joined EmptyLemon on an Apprenticeship and it finally helped him find his motivation…  Here is his story…


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How To Get Happy In The Workplace

It is International Day of Happiness Day today and we are getting our smiles on here at EmptyLemon.  The International Day of Happiness was established by the UN general assembly in 2012 to promote the idea that ‘the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal’. In its 70th anniversary year, the UN will be undertaking several campaigns to help achieve this goal.

Happiness cover

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25 of the Funniest Things Written in Job Applications

Recruitment isn’t all serious business. Here are a collection of 25 hilarious real life CV blunders. Enjoy! Read Article »

Creative Ways People Have Quit Their Job

Handing in your notice can feel like a huge relief for some people, but for some, a letter is not enough. For those who are looking to go out with a bang, here are three creative ways people have quit their jobs: Read Article »

10 Amazing Meeting Spaces – You’re Guaranteed to be Inspired!

Picture a meeting room.

Whiteboard? Large table? Slightly uncomfortable chairs?

Meetings can be dull, but the meeting space doesn’t have to be! Here are 10 amazing meeting spaces, try not to be inspired! Read Article »