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Meme Blog: First (Working) World Problems Experienced Daily

At EmptyLemon, we love a good meme. The pronunciation of that word also makes for an interesting conversation in the IT department. Those who spend time online will most probably be aware of the “First World Problems” memes – tongue-in-cheek images of people crying over things which seem petty to others. But they are relatable. We feel the pain of these crying people because we have, at some point, been in that situation too. Here are EmptyLemon’s collection of relatable First Working World Problems many of us experience on a daily basis: Read Article »

10 of the Best Notes Left in Workplace Kitchens

How many times have you opened your office fridge to be greeted by the smell of out-of-date milk? Have you ever been brave enough to consult the culprit of a mouldy sandwich? These people have and their notes are hilarious! Read Article »

The top 10 recruitment pet peeves

The world of recruitment can offer fantastic career opportunities which many people enjoy. Like most jobs, working as a hiring manager has its perks and its peeves. In no order, here are 10 of the most common recruitment pet peeves! Read Article »

The best recruitment humour comics

It’s Friday! Despite Spring’s arrival, the weather hasn’t been fantastic this week and we all could do with a bit of cheering up. For those of us who can’t drop everything in favour of an indoor, beach-themed barbecue, here are the best recruitment humour comics – enjoy! Read Article »

10 Creative Recruitment Adverts

We’re always told to think outside the box – something which can prove a little difficult when it comes to recruitment. How do you capture the attention of the correct audience when you’ve exhausted social media? Here are 10 examples creative recruitment advertising used both online and in print: Read Article »

15 of the toughest interview questions asked in 2013

EmptyLemon career advice blogs provide a wealth of tips and tricks to help you succeed when it comes to the job hunt. Some of our most popular articles tackle tricky interview questions, but we don’t think anything could prepare you for the following! Here are 15 of the toughest interview questions asked in 2013. Read Article »