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How social media has influenced the offline world

I refuse to leave my bed until I’ve checked Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If I have enough time, I’ll see what’s new on Pinterest. Using my phone as my alarm clock means it’s in my hand from the second I wake up pretty much until the moment I fall asleep. When it’s not in my hand, my computer mouse or a cup of tea is as I manage EmptyLemon’s social media accounts.

Almost every smartphone user has made room in their lives for a social media. Instead of just enjoying a sunset, we choose to snap a photo of it, enhance its beauty with a filter and share it with the world. #sunset.

Snapping a public transport selfie or tweeting a popstar with your brutally honest opinion of their latest performance is not uncommon, but after reading an article on how to recreate the effects of an Instagram filter with makeup I thought has it gone a step too far? Social media is becoming a way of life rather than just a part of it. So I set out to find other examples of social media’s influence in day to day life. Read Article »

Show your employees and customers you care with these simple, last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

Shops are decorated with an array of red and pink hearts, TV adverts show luxury gifts and the singletons are trying to hide their misery as Valentine’s Day approaches. Tomorrow we will shower our loved ones with gifts, chocolates, wine and rose petals (or more realistically, give them a 99p card and a kiss on the chops because we don’t “believe” in Valentine’s Day). Still, it’s a great opportunities for Tinder-fearing singletons to tell someone they’re secretly infatuated with them without seeming creepy. But what about when the one you secretly admire is a co-worker and you don’t see them outside of the office? Do you leave roses and chocolates on their desk and hope the feeling is mutual or will you suppress you’re feelings and try to sum up the courage for next year? Read Article »

10 Rotten eCards that might sum up your workplace this January

Last night was the first time I’d watched TV in a while and I was so angered by the number of holiday advertisements that I actually shouted: “Why are you showing me this?! I have to wait until May to go on my holiday!” My partner came running in, genuinely thinking something was wrong, but it was just me expressing how much I hate January and how much the TV was rubbing it in.

Mid January sees the most people book holidays, despite the lack of finances. We all get the blues, especially in January when the month doesn’t seem to end but the money does. Cheer up, it’s nearly the weekend! In the meantime, here’s a collection of Rotten eCards which might sum up how you are feeling this week! Read Article »

10 of the Funniest Job Application Fails Ever!

A recruiter’s life is never easy. Tough decisions need making, CVs need sifting through and no matter how much caffeine you consume, you still hate Mondays. When it comes to applications some are good, others are great, a handful are bad and then once in a blue moon one of these come along. It’s Friday, so enjoy 10 of the funniest job application fails ever! Read Article »

Has Health & Safety Gone Mad? Some of the Most Bizarre Health & Safety Bans

Described as a “monster” by David Cameron in 2012, health and safety rules have been followed by a question mark for many years. Workplace health and safety is a must, especially when 172 people lost their lives at work between 2011 and 2012, but have restrictions gone too far? “Health and safety gone mad” is a phrase that’s been thrown around a lot; although the government say the legislations and bans which do exist are there to ensure people are protected from real risks. Here are some of the most bizarre health and safety bans and restrictions spotted in the media over the past few years: Read Article »

The EmptyLemon Christmas Party 2013

Because members of the EmptyLemon team had plans to see family over the weekends, we opposed the idea of a big Friday night city centre party and instead decided to decorate our board room and tuck into a turkey dinner at the office. Read Article »