A Bit of Fun

25 Things That Drive Us Insane at Work

When you’re stuck in a room full of people you didn’t choose to be friends with for 8 hours a day, five days a week for what feels like forever, you’re bound to get a little frustrated from time to time. Here are 25 things that really annoy us at work: Read Article »

Some Great Workplace Halloween Ideas… and Some Not-so-Great Ones

It’s that time of year when a handful of colleagues are getting excited about the coming into work in fancy dress and the rest just can’t wait for it to be over. If Halloween is paying a visit to your office over the next week, the following may help. You’ll either have a great Halloween or make a lot of people hate you: Read Article »

7 of the Worst Motivational Posters You Could Put Up in the Office

Posters are a great way to brighten up the office. Stunning countryside views, tranquil beach scenes and cityscapes can really add some wow factor to your workplace. If you’re looking for something to increase productivity, perhaps you should look into investing in motivation posters. Just not these ones. Read Article »

The Office Christmas Party – in GIFs

I don’t know about you, but over the past fortnight I’ve been inundated with emails about Christmas parties. “Book with us!” “Guaranteed best Christmas party!” My recollection of Christmas parties is that they’re never an overly professional gathering. I could explain in full, but why when there are GIFs? Here’s your office Christmas party (or any office party) summed up by some lovely moving pictures: Read Article »

Friday Fun Blogs: Hilarious Office Pranks

If you’re desperate for some office comic relief and are chummy enough with your boss to get away with this sort of thing, here are some hilarious office pranks: Read Article »

You Know You’re Bored at Work When…

Feeling a bit bored this afternoon? Itching to get home, go to the pub and try and make your weekend feel as long as possible? There are many ways you can liven up the office. Put the radio on, add a snazzy poster to the wall or buy a bag of sweets for everyone. If you want to inject a little bit more fun into the office, why not set up a series of dares? Ones such as:

– Walk sideways to the photocopier
– Gasp every time the lift stops to let someone in
– Refer to everyone you speak to (in the office) as Bob for an hour

Some people do however get really bored. So bored infact, that things like this happen… Read Article »