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Why You Should be Careful Where You Advertise

When it comes to advertising jobs, it’s fairly straightforward – you ensure your chosen recruitment method advertise your vacancy to the correct demographic and to the people with the correct skills sets. You are offered that, aren’t you? But when it comes to billboard advertising, you need to consider the graphics you use as well as your chosen advertising location. Some people sadly didn’t think this one through: Read Article »

9 Successful Individuals Who Weren’t Always So Successful

If your business plan happens to fail or you hit a brick wall – never give up. Even after multiple attempts, great things can be achieved if you refuse to in the towel. Don’t believe it? Here are nine examples of world famous individuals who experienced a few hiccups along the way. Read Article »

Some of the Worst Day Off Excuses

It may be Friday now, but Monday’s looming. I wonder how many of us will call in sick? How many of us will call in sick and use these (ridiculous) excuses… Read Article »

Jobs Created to Meet Demand Over the Past Ten Years

As the UK’s scientific discoveries progress further more jobs will be created to meet the demand. By 2030, vacancies for Micro-energy Traders and Synthetic Biologists will be widely available across the country and by then, they’ll be the norm. As the world advances we see more and more futuristic sounding vacancies, so what vacancies would have seemed futuristic to us ten years ago? Read Article »

Friday Fun Blog: Job Title Charades

Are you unsure of the vacancies EmptyLemon advertise? Do you like charades? Then this is the perfect Friday Fun Blog for you!

Can you work out the following job titles from the pictures supplied? Answers are at the bottom – no cheating! Read Article »

Posters You Probably Shouldn’t Put Up in the Office

If you happen to work in one of these fancy-pants offices which allow you to personalise your workspace and you don’t fancy the overused “hang in there, baby” cat poster, don’t putting the following ones up. Think carefully… Read Article »