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How to ace a Skype or Facetime interview

Telephone interviews have been around for some time to pre screen candidates before inviting them in for a face to face interview. Lots of employers use them, but they are most prevalent for telephone based customer service or sales roles. Here are some simple steps to ace your next interview by Skype or Facetime and get in front of your potential employers face to face.


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Why should you do a temporary job?

Temporary work can be far more useful for your career than earning some extra cash until a permanent job comes along.


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How to explain gaps in your CV

Gaps in your CV could be due to a number of reasons, be it taking time out to raise a family, caring for dependents, unexpected redundancy, volunteering or travelling. The reality is, very few people have continuous employment with absolutely no gaps, so you are not alone in having gaps in your CV. If you have gaps in your CV, here is what you can do to improve your chance of being called to a job interview.


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What does an administrator do?

Administrators are found in almost every company and in many cases, are the engine room of the company, taking care of essential company paperwork and providing a welcoming environment to the office in the reception. The role of an administrator can even extend to payroll, marketing or sales.


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How to train to be a teacher in a year

If you are looking to train to become a teacher, the School Direct training programme from Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) could be the perfect teacher training route or you.


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What does it take to become a Finance Manager?

A career in Finance can be highly rewarding and if you work hard on both your knowledge and interpersonal skills, you could rise through the ranks to become a Finance Manager within a private business, public sector organisation or third sector organisation.

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