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5 Ways to Create Personal Brand Consistency

Paper clips 5 Ways to Create Personal Brand Consistency

The difference between being a candidate and being an ideal candidate is having a clearly defined and consistent brand. The concept of a consistent brand can seem a daunting and confusing proposition, but it doesn’t have to be!

Maintain brand consistency with this five step exercise: Read Article »

5 Highly Creative Career Ideas

Paint 5 Highly Creative Career Ideas

”Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso.

Do you dream of a thriving creative career but don’t know which path to follow? Here are five career options which will allow you to spread your creative wings: Read Article »

How to Get Ahead After Graduation

Graduation 3 How to Get Ahead After Graduation

Graduating from university is a huge achievement, so a huge pat on the back to you. But there’s that one question you know is going to be difficult to answer; how will you apply your education to the working world. A high percentage of graduates struggle to find work within six months of graduation, but even more struggle to find work in their preferred sector. There are however, a few strategic steps you can take to increase your chances of landing your dream job. Read Article »

Bulking out Your CV When You’ve Only Worked for One Employer

Typing2 Bulking out Your CV When Youve Only Worked for One Employer

A successful CV contains no gaps in employment and there’s a lot of advice out there about addressing gaps in your working history. It’s important to fill these gaps to avoid becoming what the recruitment world refers to as a “job hopper”. But what about individuals who have kept to one employer throughout their working history?

Employer’s main concerns about people who have only worked for one employer for a long period of time is their ability to adapt to change and whether they have built up enough skills and experience from their position to benefit a new workplace.

The employment history section of a CV is a heavily scrutinised area, so it’s important that your CV addresses these common concerns. Read Article »

How to Avoid Becoming a Work-a-holic but Still Work Hard

Workaholic How to Avoid Becoming a Work a holic but Still Work HardWe all want to do well at work and know that this requires dedication, time and energy. However it is possible to become a work-a-holic if your life revolves around your job rather than your relationships with friends and family. Here are 5 rules to help you get ahead without becoming a work-a-holic: Read Article »

2014′s Best IT Careers

Computer tech 2014s Best IT Careers

The demand for IT workers is increasing now almost all businesses are online in one way or another. The information technology sector is not only a growing field of opportunity, but can open doors to some of the highest-paid segments of the job market. Here are five of the best IT careers in today’s market: Read Article »