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3 Reasons Your CV Isn’t Working

Puggy 3 Reasons Your CV Isn’t Working
Don’t be sad, we’ll get this fixed!

Until you’re invited to an interview, your CV is the face of your job hunt. It is the key to finding success and is your helping hand into the working world. However, it’s important to emphasise “help” – you’re CV won’t work hard unless you do.

But what if you’ve worked hard on your CV but you’re not getting anything in return? Read Article »

3 Quick Tweaks to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Employer-Friendly

Linkedin 3 Quick Tweaks to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Employer Friendly

I’d be wasting my time if I wrote yet another blog on the importance of your LinkedIn profile. Everyone knows a LinkedIn profile is an vital part of the job hunt and that online engagement can increase your chances of making the shortlist, but what about your LinkedIn profile itself?

Assuming you have already built your LinkedIn profile, your smiling face and professional page should appear at of the top of Google search results. If not, it could be lacking a few vital pieces of information. If you can’t find your LinkedIn profile, how are employers supposed to?

When creating your LinkedIn profile, you need to keep one little phrase in mind: be unemployable. Not in the sense that you arrive to your job interview wearing a bin bag, but “unemployable” in the sense that not just anyone can hire you.

We all receive job offers we don’t want but are tempted by their convenience. You’re not worth a job that’s going to make you miserable. Only apply for or consider accepting jobs with the right employers – ones which show respect and allow you to achieve your career goals.

When it comes to LinkedIn recruitment, there are three quick little tweaks you can apply to your profile that employers are really looking for: Read Article »

Is Your Online Presence Stopping You from Getting Your Dream Job?

Facebook Screen Is Your Online Presence Stopping You from Getting Your Dream Job?

Most jobseekers are aware of the importance of an online presence during the job hunt. Your online reputation has the potential to make or break your future career. Inappropriate online content can put a hiring manager off you completely. For example 17-year-old Paris Brown, Youth Crime Commissioner, came under fire for racist and homophobic comments made on her social media accounts and resigned from her position before the start date because of the bad impression her online presence had created.

However, ensuring your online reputation in no way alters the decisions of the hiring manager isn’t as simple as just not having an online presence. Your online reputation is important because a whopping 91 percent of hiring managers scrutinise social profiles during the hiring process. Read Article »

Interview Tips: Example Questions to Tackle “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

Interview5 Interview Tips: Example Questions to Tackle “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

“Do you have any questions for me?” Seven words that strike fear into the hearts of jobseekers. Following a successful application and interview, this is the question that can trip you up.

Struggling to answer this question is not uncommon and many jobseekers fall apart at this point in their interview. It’s not a trick question; it’s your chance to shine. Here’s how: Read Article »

5 Ways to Create Personal Brand Consistency

Paper clips 5 Ways to Create Personal Brand Consistency

The difference between being a candidate and being an ideal candidate is having a clearly defined and consistent brand. The concept of a consistent brand can seem a daunting and confusing proposition, but it doesn’t have to be!

Maintain brand consistency with this five step exercise: Read Article »

5 Highly Creative Career Ideas

Paint 5 Highly Creative Career Ideas

”Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” – Pablo Picasso.

Do you dream of a thriving creative career but don’t know which path to follow? Here are five career options which will allow you to spread your creative wings: Read Article »