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The Benefits and Drawbacks of an Inherited Career

farm The Benefits and Drawbacks of an Inherited Career

The EmptyLemon ladies have spent the past week swooning over pictures from Prince George’s christening. The newest addition to the royal family has yet to realise he’s third in line for the throne and that he’ll never have to go out and find work – hew’s got the job as future king. Today us ‘common folk’ do not tend to follow the career paths of our parents and are less like to ‘inherit’ our future career. This said, some people do wish to continue a family business or are inspired by the work of their parents. Whilst there are many benefits to this decision, a successful inherited career is not simply placed in front of you. Read Article »

Surviving the Open Plan Office

open Surviving the Open Plan Office

Open plan offices are renowned for great teamwork, but bundling people together in one room doesn’t automatically make them a team. Removing the hierarchy seating can help colleagues to bond, but you can’t force people to work together productively and happily. With large offices comes drama. Small offices do have drama, but it’s less widespread and bitchy because there’s nowhere to hide. Whether it’s who is wearing what or a daily fight over the air conditioning, you need to be well prepared for open plan working. It’s not as Bear Grylls-esque as you may think! Read Article »

Standing Out From the Crowd as a Jobseeker

stand out Standing Out From the Crowd as a Jobseeker

EmptyLemon stand out from the crowd because of the way we operate. We’re a little different to other job boards because we do not use recruitment agencies. We also focus on providing a more positive experience for jobseekers, although it’s very easy for jobseekers to become lost in the world of recruitment. Standing out is important for success, but it can be tricky when competition is tough. Here are some tips for standing out from other candidates and increasing your chances of getting the job: Read Article »

Four Things You Shouldn’t be doing during the Job Hunt

 Four Things You Shouldn’t be doing during the Job Hunt

You know to tailor your CV and cover letter. You know not to apply using the ‘basket button’. You know to it can be tough grips with today’s world of recruitment and finding a job can often leave jobseekers feeling a little lost. People who are actively seeking work are encouraged to showcase their potential and make the most of jobseeking tools but there are a number of things which you shouldn’t be doing during the job hunt. Read Article »

Interview Tips for the Interviewer

watch Interview Tips for the Interviewer

Whilst there are an abundance of blogs on how candidates should behave during an interview, not as many exist for the interviewer. I’ve heard on numerous occasions of interviewers slumped in their chairs during an interview. As a company representative, you need to ensure you come across in the best possible way to the candidate as the candidates tries to come across well to you. Offering an excellent candidate experience has lost out to lean methods, but will a candidate really want to work for a company whose interviewer resembles a sack of potatoes? Read Article »

Online Security: Don’t Let your Guard Down During the Job Hunt

ccbreach Online Security: Dont Let your Guard Down During the Job Hunt

As the world becomes more socially engaged and employers turn to social media to source and advertise to candidates, online safety is now more important than ever. We’re all fully aware of the negative effects of social engagement and that people aren’t always who they say they are. A fake name, picture and background story can deceive people – conning them out of money or potentially putting their lives at risk. The majority of us can tell when things are a bit iffy and we’ve all received an email from a person in a foreign country asking us for money with the promise of being paid back double – and we choose to ignore these because we know it’s a scam. Most of us feel confident about social security but recent news stories show that we tend to let our guard down when it comes to applying for work. Just because it appears to be professional, doesn’t mean it is. Read Article »