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A rough guide to maternity leave

Finding out that you’re expecting is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but parenthood brings with it a lot of questions. One thing that all working women worry about is maternity leave. While some women might have visions of working through their pregnancy, pausing only for the equivalent of a long lunch when it comes time to give birth, and then be back at their desks the next day, others see maternity leave as a much needed break or even a time to consider a career change. Read Article »

All you need to know about psychometric and aptitude tests

Standardised test

A huge number of employers are now using psychometric tests and aptitude tests to help them find their perfect employees: not only in terms of the skill sets listed on their CVs, but also in terms of their personalities and the ways in which they work. Read Article »

Put a new job in that Christmas stocking

Christmas Stockings

In addition to spending hours sitting on the sofa and eating your bodyweight in turkey, the Christmas holiday period can be a good time to get ahead on some serious job research. Read Article »

Zero hours contracts – what are they?


If you’re looking for flexibility when choosing a job or career, then a zero hour contract could be what you need. Like all types of job, positions available on a zero hour contract have their positive and negative aspects, but what exactly do they involve? Read Article »

Why apprenticeships can be a good career option


Apprenticeships offer a way for you to gain experience and learn a trade. Unlike college and university courses, they give young talent the opportunity to pick up valuable skills in a real work environment rather than an academic setting, but unfortunately they are still largely misunderstood. Read Article »

How to secure the job you want, in the company you’re in

Seeking promotion

Job hopping is now considered pretty normal, and even essential for some in order to move forward in their career, but career progression doesn’t always require you to switch companies even if the job you’re in is not your dream role. A lack of obvious opportunities can make you feel like your career is stagnating and you need to move in order to secure your ideal position, but we’re going to talk about the alternative today – planning your own career change or promotion where you already work. Read Article »