How the Workplace has Changed Over the Last 50 Years

Following protests and reform, the 1970s brought change to the workplace. But how has today’s working environment evolved over the last 50 years? Read Article »

Inappropriate Applications: Is the Finger Pointed at you or at Your Marketing Strategy?

A common recruitment manager complaint is too many inappropriate applicants. Not in the sense that they’re sending you inappropriate content, but possessing irrelevant skills sets. This then increased the workload for recruitment sieves who are responsible for sifting through the abundance of applications to find candidates worth contacting. Thanks basket apply button… Read Article »

Twitter’s Open Source MySQL Enhancements

Twitter has released a lot of its MySQL code

While many technology companies consider it absurd to develop your software with open-source coding for competitors to borrow and steal as they wish (with perhaps Apple being the most ardent of open-source critics), there are advocates too.

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Why IE9 is a Web Designer’s Nightmare

Why IE9 is a Web Designer’s Nightmare

Web professionals have been getting pretty excited lately, and it’s no surprise why. The latest spawn of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 9, has just been released. Read Article »

Beginner’s Guide to CSS3

Beginner’s Guide to CSS3

Ever since the announcement of in 2005, the development of the level 3 of Cascading Style Sheet or better known as CSS3 has been closely watched and monitored by many designers and developers. Read Article »

A Guide to Utilizing Facebook for a Freelance Career

Facebook is often criticized for privacy holes, unstable API and proprietary standards, but in spite of that, everybody seems to be on Facebook these days. Read Article »