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Is the world ready for a Tinder style job hunting app?

A Tinder style app for finding a job has just launched.  Will it prove a hit with jobseekers, or will they ‘swipe left’ to ignore?


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Fake SIA licences exposed – how do I check employees’ SIA credentials?

EmptyLemon advertises roles in the security industry, including security guards and door supervisors, so when I read a news article on the BBC website about fraudulent SIA licences being issued, naturally my thoughts turned to how our valued customers in the industry and indeed other sectors can check whether employees’ qualifications are genuine.


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Where To Find All The Good Telesales People For Your Vacancies

We are starting to list more Telesales roles within the professional services, contact centre and business services sectors.  These employers are asking for our help with fulfilling these vacancies and think that the ‘Sales’ word is putting people off.  Here are our three questions to ask yourself to boost applications for Telesales vacancies.


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A rough guide to maternity leave

Finding out that you’re expecting is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but parenthood brings with it a lot of questions. One thing that all working women worry about is maternity leave. While some women might have visions of working through their pregnancy, pausing only for the equivalent of a long lunch when it comes time to give birth, and then be back at their desks the next day, others see maternity leave as a much needed break or even a time to consider a career change. Read Article »

“Are you allowed to ask me that?” – illegal and unethical interviews


We were all a bit gobsmacked by the ridiculous stereotype faced by Katie Mulrennan, who had her job application rejected from a South Korean school because she was Irish; the school had concerns that this meant that she was an alcoholic. The idea seems so preposterous and unfounded that it is categorised as a bizarre and unusual story, but unfortunately discrimination of all types still occurs during hiring processes around the world. Read Article »

Gender balance and the office environment

Scales of Justice

A recent study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology has confirmed it: the more diverse an office is, the better. The happiest offices have been found to be those where the employees believe that their office is diverse and accepting, but oddly they also feel happier in a single sex office, suggesting they like the idea of equality more than the reality of it. Read Article »