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The future of Apple

Just what does the future hold for Apple?

Even the biggest technophobes will have found it difficult to avoid Apple over the last decade. Its influence on the tech industry is undeniable with iPhones, iPods and Macbooks around every corner, on trains and buses, in the workplace and of course, pride of place in the home.

But now that Steve Jobs, the creative force behind this renowned brand, has passed away, just what does the future hold for Apple? Many would have you think that some life-changing ideas died along with Jobs, but Apple is too clever for that, right? Read Article »

Windows 8: List of features and release roadmap

Can Steve Ballmer and Microsoft close the gap on Apple with Windows 8?

Windows was once the operating system of choice for both consumers and developers but since Apple’s meteoric rise to prominence and popularity, Microsoft has had to work a little bit harder to compete.

This year sees the release of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8 – and with it comes a host of new features as well as numerous new jobs for IT developers familiar with the new system. Windows 7 was popular but this new incarnation of Microsoft’s popular OS is looking like it could be the addition to break Apple’s hold over the market. Read Article »

IT jobs: London Olympics 2012

The greatest show on Earth comes to Britain this year and the capital will be awash with bronze, silver and gold for the duration of the Olympic Games.

Hosting the tournament is a prestigious responsibility and there are many benefits that Londoners and Britons will enjoy as a result – both during the competition and stretching into the future. Read Article »

The history of London’s Silicon roundabout

If you find yourself circling a roundabout on the boundary between Hackney and Islington, you will have little reason to think this is any different to the hundreds of other roundabouts you’ve dizzied yourself with. But you’d be wrong – for Old Street roundabout is the country’s tech hub, and it goes by the name of Silicon Roundabout.

First coined by Matt Biddulph, who in July 2008 created a Google map to plot the burgeoning number of tech start-ups in the area, Silicon Roundabout has created thousands of IT jobs and is the origin of some of the biggest success stories in the UK’s tech industry.

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The future of Symbian OS

You may not know it by name, but the Symbian operating system has graced our phones for several years, and was popular software for the first generation of smartphones.

Its colourful graphics, simple-to-use interface and the ease of which you could multi task made it a firm favourite with consumers and developers alike, but unfortunately, 2012 looks bleak for this ageing operating system. Jobs for IT developers are now mainly centred on Android, Windows Phone and Apple’s iOS systems, so just what does the future hold for Symbian?

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Tablet buyers guide

It is claimed that in 1899 an employee at the US patent office leaned back in his chair and announced: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Fast forward over a century of ingenuity, creativity and technology and you can just about hear said patent director weeping over the sound of your iPod.

As the industry constantly evolves and IT jobs become more competitive, companies are falling over themselves to produce whatever the natural successor to the smartphone is in the must-have technology stakes. This year, it is the tablet that everyone is hoping for in their stocking come Christmas morning, and for good reason. A tablet is a mobile computer, usually with touch screen controls and the ability to play music, record high definition video and hold thousands of apps. The production of these fantastic gadgets has seen a surge in jobs for IT developers as companies try to keep up with demand.

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