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The 3 Christmas Characters You’ll Find In The Office

As soon as we reach the colder months, Christmas talk is in the air whether you like it or not, particularly in the office. We constantly look out for which stores are first to start stocking selection boxes and looking out for the often dreaded ’12 Mondays until Christmas’ posts on social media. 

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How to Create a Healthy Work Culture


Image Credit: Ticketmaster

In the modern working world, it’s much easier for people to switch jobs and even careers than it was as early as 10 years ago. A shift in the way people search and apply for jobs means talent retention is a higher priority for employers than it ever has been, yet plenty of businesses still don’t cover some basics to assure their staff are consistently happy in their work.

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Make Mondays Great Again!

Mondays are notorious for being, well… the worst. The first day back in the office after a weekend of freedom and late nights – it’s not hard to see why there isn’t much love for the dreaded M-word.

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Our Top 5 Cities to Work in (Worldwide)

We’re building a great team at EmptyLemon with wonderful people who have worked in wonderful places. If you’re thinking about moving to a new city, take a look at the top 5 cities members of our team have worked in and loved.

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Halloween Interview Horrors and How to Avoid Them

Image Credit: Benjamin Esham

Image Credit: Benjamin Esham

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve gathered three of the biggest things that scare candidates in interviews along with our EmptyLemon antidote to help cure each.

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“It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it”

Village chilgren in Bangladesh

Have you thought about how others live? Felt jealous and envious of what you don’t have? I hope by the end of my blog today you will think differently. Read Article »