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What the Top LinkedIn Influencers gave to the Recruitment World in 2013

4564600916 92c937ee38 b 1 What the Top LinkedIn Influencers gave to the Recruitment World in 2013

2013 brought us redundancies, pay cuts, the potential threat of falling back into recession and Michael Gove struggling to make his mind up on our education system. Whilst we felt the impact of these events top CEOs took to Linkedin to offer their advice on surviving the year. So who has influenced the recruitment world over the past twelve months? Read Article »

The EmptyLemon Christmas Party 2013

Header The EmptyLemon Christmas Party 2013

Because members of the EmptyLemon team had plans to see family over the weekends, we opposed the idea of a big Friday night city centre party and instead decided to decorate our board room and tuck into a turkey dinner at the office. Read Article »

Successful Festive PR Stunts

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Christmas is just around the corner. As well as an opportunity for us to spend time with loved ones and enjoy a well-deserved break from the office, the festive season is a great opportunity for business PR. The holiday sees 97% of the UK’s population celebrate but only 23% celebrate December 25th as the birth date of Jesus Christ. Nonetheless that’s almost the entire population who will put up a Christmas tree, send Christmas cards and become annoyed with festive television adverts by December 1st. Christmas appeals to an incredibly broad market and with everyone’s festive traditions following a similar pattern – giving presents, eating a Christmas dinner and spending time with the family – Christmas PR stunts prove relatable to many. Here are some examples of effective Christmas PR stunts: Read Article »

Some of the worst jobs you haven’t even heard of

pig 540x360 Some of the worst jobs you havent even heard of

We all complain about our jobs at one stage or another; whether it’s a disagreeable boss, odorous colleague or particularly trying customers who really DON’T know best… even Mark Zuckerberg probably has his own work-related issues.

Making endless cups of coffee or reformatting a document in Excel may seem annoying and you may feel inspired to contact your nearest recruitment consultant, however, rarely do we take a step back and look at just how lucky we actually are. This article will take a look at the lowest of the low; the worst jobs that you’ve probably never even heard of – these are the guys that could really do with a little careers advice. Trust us, with a little added perspective, you’ll be feeling better about your job in no time! Read Article »

The First Jobs of the Successful

Barak copy The First Jobs of the Successful

The majority of us begin our working lives in retail – a weekend job to get us through our education. Some people carry on up the retail career ladder and others leave behind cash handling in favour of something office-based. Our first jobs are nothing to be ashamed of; in fact we should be grateful of the opportunity to get on the first rung of the career ladder considering how many young people are struggling today. We all need to start somewhere. Managers pushed trolleys, chief executives delivered papers and EmptyLemon’s Technical Director, Andy, started off as a general handyman.

Our first jobs don’t always reflect our career path and some of the successful individuals we admire today started their careers in some quite unlikely jobs. Obviously Barack Obama wasn’t born president; he was elected for the role based on the public vote. But how many voters recognised him as the young man serving them ice cream at Baskin Robbins? Read Article »

Why I Feel Incredibly Sorry for Ikea’s Hiring Managers

Ikea Why I Feel Incredibly Sorry for Ikea’s Hiring Managers

A few months back a news article cropped up on how Costa received 1,700 applications for eight positions. The high number of applications outlined a high volume of unemployed people in a job deprived area. However a news story on Ikea receiving 20,000 applications for 400 vacancies didn’t come as much of a shock as Costa’s vacancy response did. The 400 positions were available in one of Ikea’s Spanish stores. Whilst Spain is suffering from high unemployment, a percentage of these applications must have come from people who want to work for a company who are not only flat-pack geniuses, but who value, support and develop their staff.

We’ve all been to Ikea and many consider it a thrilling experience – wandering through beautifully set up rooms, testing out sofas you have no intention of buying, getting lost in the warehouse and enjoying Ikea’s famous meatballs. And we choose to shop at Ikea because of the price, quality, extensive range of products they have on offer and how much more they give to us other than food and furnishings. Read Article »