@MrBurglar I’ll Be Out For The Next 4 Hours #ComeAndRobMe

BurglarThe increase in popularity of social networks and location based check-in services, like FourSquare, in the past 3 or 4 years has led to a new form of crime. Burglars are now using social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, to establish when a property is likely to be empty and use this information to plan their criminal activity. Read Article »

Top 5 Private Digital Companies of 2011

Top 5 digital companiesBusiness Insider has compiled a list of the Top 100 digital start-ups, where they are defining a start-up as a private company. Considering the list includes the world’s largest and most established social network, we have opted for the ‘Top Digital Companies’ route. Read Article »

A Guide to Utilizing Facebook for a Freelance Career

Facebook is often criticized for privacy holes, unstable API and proprietary standards, but in spite of that, everybody seems to be on Facebook these days. Read Article »

Ultimate Guide to the New Facebook Page Design

Recently, Facebook rolled out a major overhaul of their Pages. We studied the new design extensively to see what was new and improved. Read Article »

How to Overcome 4 Social Media Headaches

Social Media Marketing has taken a firmer position within the marketing mix of most companies in one way or another. For some, social web participation is a natural fit. For many others, being more social isn’t in the management DNA. Read Article »

7 Lessons for Better Networking with Social Media

7 Lessons for Better Networking with Social Media

Social media allows us to discover, connect, and engage with new people of interest. While most people are open to new connections and receiving messages from people they don’t know, there is a fine line between reaching out and “spamming.” Read Article »